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Renee's Exclusive Interview With Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Renee O.
Renee O. Mar 19, 2012

I first heard the band Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr on my favorite local radio station, KCRW. It was late in the evening and I was driving thru Griffith Park with my boyfriend and a remix of their song “Simple Girl” came on. We both pulled out our iPhones and ‘Shazam’-ed it (gotta love technology!) After downloading the duo’s album off of iTunes, I was really surprised how I couldn’t stop playing their tracks over and over. Their debut EP became a mainstay in my CD player and I couldn’t get enough. I was lucky enough to get an interview with member Joshua Epstein, days before their performance at SXSW...

Renee O: Who are your greatest musical influences? Who are your idols and why?

Joshua Epstein: The bands that made me want to be in a band were Pavement and Sunny Day Real Estate, but I was raised on Motown and Paul Simon. Currently my hero is Dr John. What a bad ass!

RO: Your debut album has been compared to works from the Beatles or The Beach Boys, what can we expect from you in the future? 

JE: I think that we will always write songs that are melody centric, but the newer stuff we are working on is a little bit more deliberate and somber lyrically. I'm really excited about it. 

RO: What is the songwriting process like for you?

JE: I write in my head and sing ideas into my iPhone. Then I start working them out on a classical guitar before recording a scratch version...and then deleting it eventually in favor of whatever direction we take it. 

RO: What inspired you two to work together? 

JE: I had always wanted to work with someone else who was fully capable of making a record alone. I heard Daniel's solo record and thought it would be a good fit.  Luckily it was. 

RO: You've been known to wear some pretty sick NASCAR uniforms in your videos. :) Who's idea was it to name the band after Dale Earnhardt Jr? 

JE: We really never thought that anyone would hear the music we were making.  When we realized that it was going to be released, we tried to quantify what our music sounded like and since it was so all over the place, the name just seemed to fit. 

RO: The the delayed/parallel vocal effect coupled with the dry lead vocal track on the song 'Skeletons' is one of my favorite moments on your debut album. What songs are you most proud of?

JE: Skeletons is our favorite too. That song was recorded in a few hours and just wrote itself. I really can relate to those lyrics every single time I sing them. 

RO: What's been you're greatest touring moment so far?

JE: Getting to play at big festivals has been a dream come true because you get to watch your favorite bands from behind the stage. Watching Radiohead at Bonnaroo is going to be amazing. 

RO: What's playing on your iPod right now?

JE: Benoit and Sergio at the moment 

RO: Who would you love to work with/tour with next?

JE: I really want to work with Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious and Slim from 112. We are trying to make that happen for the new record. 

RO: What inspires you?

JE: Honestly, everything. Sometimes it's music, sometimes it's a great meal. When one is open, one is ready to receive. 

Be sure to check out Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr’s official site and follow them at @dalejrjrmusic for more updates and upcoming concerts!

xx Renee O.

Sh*t Actresses Say !!

Renee O.
Renee O. Jan 28, 2012

So over the weekend I put together a couple ideas and called up a few friends after watching "Sh*t Girls Say" on youtube a few too many times. I just kept thinking, how funny would it be to do a version of that with all the snarky stuff you hear actresses saying in LA? Well, here's what came of that little idea... and disclaimer, these are NOT any of our opinions, we're just bein silly!!

The video stars a few of my Secret Life co-stars: @CamilleSimoine  @theRealFrancia, @ItsSkylerShaye , @PoutyScouty (of Halloween fame) & @LaurenlSummers 

Be sure to hit the like button on YouTube if we make you giggle! 

xx Renee O.

September Mourning's Album Teaser

Renee O.
Renee O. Jan 17, 2012

Hey guys so my good friend Emily Lazar's band September Morning is about to release an awesome new album this March!! How gorgeous does she look in this album teaser?? Love her!

I love her style! Don't you agree?

Buzz this post if you're excited for the record!


Music Love: L'histoire De Melody Nelson

Renee O.
Renee O. Jan 03, 2012

Right now i'm in my closet-room listening to Serge Gainbourg's incredible record l'histoire de melody nelson.

i found some incredible music videos online that only made the epic lolita-esque tradegy come further to life. Check out these videos and see what i mean. My Own Rule has a fantastic library of the translated works of Mr. Gainsbourg, for those of you (like me) who arent exactly fluent in french. very sexy! Here's a link to my full l'histoire de melody nelson playlist here! Otherwise check out the videos below!

xx Renee O.

Amoeba Adventure: Renee Olstead Shares Her Favorite Records

Renee O.
Renee O. Dec 19, 2011

Hey guys! Check out all my favorite music in my Amoeba Music Adventure! Hands down, these are some of my favorites... Happy Holidays, boys and girls! xx Renee O

 In case you missed it you can also watch my Amoeba Movie Adventure here!

Do you love Jazz as much as I do?

The Best Little Tattoo Shop in Los Angeles...

Renee O.
Renee O. Dec 10, 2011

So this story starts when my boyfriend and I innocently dropped into a local Silverlake coffee spot a couple years ago for what we thought would be a couple double espressos to-go... (turns out we got a lot more) My boyfriend, having just gotten his first tattoo a few months prior, spotted a rad tattoo on the arm of one of the guys in line in front of us. Turns out he'd gotten the tattoo blocks away from a guy named 'Chris Breksa'... Couple blocks away, huh? Our curiosity got the best of us. Turns out this dude's place ends up being our go-to tattoo spot ever since. Their work is RIDICULOUS. Love it.

Check out the amazing work done by the guys over at Alchemy Tattoo & be sure to check out their FB page too!

xx Renee O.

3321 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026


Amoeba Adventure: Renee Olstead's Favorite Movies

Renee O.
Renee O. Dec 09, 2011

Its the season of Christmas exhaustion & I've got a list of my favorite movies to unwind to this holiday season. Trust me nothin beats snugglin up with your hunny after a long day of holiday hell, grabbing some popcorn and watching one of these flicks. Hope you like! xx R

What are some of your favorite movies?

The Best Moments of 70s SOUL TRAIN...

Renee O.
Renee O. Nov 21, 2011

Happy MUSIC MONDAY boys and girls!

Ready for some musical education from the era of bell-bottoms and psychedelia??

After prowling youtube for videos of some of my favorite artists, here's a page full of my rockin vids from some of the greatest acts to ever rock the SOUL TRAIN stage. i love how soul train had everyone from the jackson five & patti labelle to elton john and david bowie. so check out the coolest moments of 70s Soul Train and get ln line for your dance solo...

xx Renee O.

p.s. check out bowie's rockin yellow lapels & labelle's rad space-suit motif. love it!!


Shop Till You Drop

Renee O.
Renee O. Oct 28, 2011 Originally by hannabeth

Reblogged from hannabeth

this morning renee, lauren and i went to the Wildfox sample sale downtown.. AND the Motel one next door.. so many good finds.. i am never buying anything full price again.. ha ha! everything goes on sale eventually and you can find so many good deals online.. 

here are a few of my wildfox finds.. the red dress is epic.. so in love

and a few of my Motel goodies..


Renee's Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume!

Renee O.
Renee O. Oct 23, 2011

So last nite I decided to drop by my castmates friend's costume party, despite the fact that I had no set costume ideas :/ so I decided to take a look thru my closet and see if I could find anything inspiring. Voila! I saw a foofy vintage blue dress. Step one, complete! But what would I be? Immediately, the crinkled blue chiffon conjured up an idea. Toddlers and Tiaras, of course!

So I rummaged thru my sock drawer for a pair of lace sox like the kind you can buy at one of my favorite lingerie stores in LA "Trashy Lingerie" (aka and searched my rumpus drawers for a tiara.I found one that was slightly bent, but usable, so I added it to my pile. Then I grabbed a pair of black mary-janes from my closet and with the magic of spray paint, turned them white!

While they were drying I made a quick trip to my local cvs for some hot pink blush and some press on nails (yup, they still sell em!) and made my way home to make my transformation!

A few curls and half a bottle of hairspray later, I was in business! Hope you like my home-made Halloween costume... What are you going as for Halloween this year??

xx Renee O.

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